An Marzipan a day keeps the doctor away


Aalststraat 10 Bredene 8450 België

Btw nr: BE0672356587

Chef Dionis Larovoi

Hieronder een bedanking van de Russische Chef Dionis Larovoi.

When I was working in Moscow, one day we were invited to participate in a master class with a good master. His name is Anthony Lams Anthony and he is from Belgium. He is a master of marzipan figurines. So it’s time to go and get acquainted. And of course learn the real taste of the sweet world of marzipan. It became so interesting and Anthony is a professional and knows his business 100%. We learned new ways to quickly sculpt marzipan figures. I Advise everyone, if you ever Wake up in Belgium, then be sure to visit his candy store. Anthony became a good friend and mentor to me.